Advanced Programme 3D Animation - MAYA (MAYA Master)
Advanced Programme 3D Animation - MAYA (MAYA Master) at KALAPURNAM is a 8 months diploma programme. The main feature of the programme is 8 months specialization in software Autodesk Maya™ and 4 months in Autodesk Mudbox™. It covers Modeling, Texturing, Lighting, Rigging, FX & Animation using the industry's leading software Autodesk Maya™. For understanding sculpting techniques in Computer Graphics, Autodesk Mudbox™ is an integrated programme. Students may choose a specialization after programme completion.
Animation is all about generating a chain of drawings or pictures taken by way of a simulation procedure for creating movement. It is a type of optical illusion through which we are able to see still images or drawings moving. The procedure involves the manifestation of motion as a result of displaying still pictures or photographs one after the other at the rate of 24 pictures per second. A video program or motion picture is considered one of the most common methods of presenting animation. However, there are various other forms that can be used for presenting animation.

Programme 3D Animation– 3DS Max (Max Master)
Programme 3D Animation– 3DS Max (Max Master) at KALAPURNAM is a 6 month certificate programme. It mainly focus on the software Autodesk 3dsmax™. It trains the students in Modeling, Shading, Lighting, and Particle Dynamics & Animation using Autodesk 3dsmax™.  There are different types of techniques like appearance sketching, arena building, appearance modeling, abating, camera setup, texturing, alteration and bond and rendering for create object. This course is designed for those who wish to pursue our career in respective field.
Formerly known as "3D Studio," 3ds Max is a 3D modeling, animation and rendering program from the Media and Entertainment division of Autodesk, Inc., San Rafael, CA ( Widely used in the areas of interactive games, visual effects for movies and industrial design models, the software lets you create 2D shapes that become the cross sections of the 3D models. The application includes an animation module that uses inverse kinematics, which links components so that they move together, adding to the effect of bringing a character to life. 
Animation Film Making- DAFM
Courses available for Animation Film Making and its application to make motion pictures. Coursework aims at introducing students to the various animation tools besides teaching to them the process of making the illusion of motion, an illusion of change by means of the rapid display of a sequence of images minimally differing from each other and introducing them to the phenomenon.

When you make a film, you need to follow an organised film making process. It’s best to think of it as three distinct stages:
                 - planning and getting ready to film (pre-production) 
                 - filming (production),
                 - completing the film and getting it ready to show (post-production).
Advanced Programme in 2D - 3D Animation Film Making (APAFM)
Advanced Programme in 2D - 3D Animation Film Making (APAFM) at KALAPURNAM has been designed keeping in mind the skill set enhancement of a student. This 27 months long diploma program is delivered in full time / part time mode. The course covers the complete process of animation film making. From the pre-production and production to the post-production stage, everything is covered in the program.
The course caters to the industry’s need of a job-ready professional. Beside this, it also offers the students four specialization options from which they can choose one, depending on their aptitude.
The course content for the very program is listed below:
1. Concepts of Film Making
2. Digital Sculpting
3. Character Animation
4. Stop Motion
5. Look Development
6. Visual Effects
7. Digital Design
8. Lighting
9. Fluid, Hair & Cloth FX
10. 3D Tracking & Match Moving
Professional Programme in Graphic and Animation Film Making
As we know that Ahmedabad is going to chang the name of Karnavati. Same as now DTP known as “GRAPHIC DESIGN”. Professional Programme in Graphic and Animation Film Making at KALAPURNAM is 12 month long diploma program which is delivered in part-time mode. The entire course has been structured to expose students to the details of Pre-Production and Digital Film Making. The program also endows the students an overall understanding of the 3D Animation pipeline. Discover the most important skill, tools, and techniques for graphic designers today. And where to find the training to kick-start your career. So discover the impact graphic design has on the success of individualy and businesses. 
Programme in Game Design & Integration (Gaming)
The Indian Gaming Industry is set to make a mark on the global scene. Aligned with the growing interest in India and the world, The Programme in Game Design & Integration (Gaming) course at KALAPURNAM covers all the nuances of game art design and the integration of different assets into the game engine. DGDI covers all aesthetic and technical aspects of the game development process.
3D Architectural Design Visualization (ADV)
The 3D Architectural Design Visualization (ADV) program will outline all the essential processes of Design Visualization with the industry’s leading visualization tool sets like Autodesk 3Ds Max™, Autodesk Revit™, Adobe Photoshop™ & hyper-realistic rendering solutions like Mental Ray™ & V-Ray™.
Design Visualization is used in industries such as Engineering, Architecture, and Entertainment & Manufacturing. Visualization plays a big role at every stage in these industries. Exploring complex organic forms, studying how light interacts with the design, and validating a design for planning & public outreach are some of those.
Specialization (VFX, Animation, Modeling and Texturing & Lighting and Shading)
KALAPURNAM offers Modular programs for students & professionals who wish to upgrade their skills in specific areas of Animation & Visual Effects. People can pick one or more software of their choice & complete the course in a very short period of time. The duration of the course is as per the software.
Visual effects using computer generated imagery has recently become accessible to the Independent filmmaker with the introduction of affordable animation and compositing software. Here we just need to have a rough concept of what visual effects is about and why we use it for films. Visual effects can be added to live-action, captured through techniques such as matte painting, rear- and front-screen projection, miniature or forced perspective sets, computer graphic objects, characters, and environments, and compositing of images recorded in any number of ways.
Certificate in 2D Animation
The courses in the Certificate in 2D Animation are designed to provide with the skills one need to pursue a career in your chosen field. All of the courses are built to challenge the students while providing with industry relevant skills as one learn via multiple interactive methods including text, video, animation, chat and more.
Learn how to create stunning art, designs and projects with beginner to advanced-level tutorials and training for graphic design, illustration, digital painting, image editing and more. students also doing the best work in our institute.

Professional Programme in Visual Effects & Animation Film Making
Professional Programme in Visual Effects & Animation Film Making at KALAPURNAM is a career based program. The duration of the program is 17 months and it has been designed to impart special training in the subject. This program focuses on teaching students to create high-end Visual Effects used in films & other media. It develops students as working professionals that are required by Film Studios, Animation Studios, Graphic Design Companies & Gaming Studios. Students can join the booming domestic & international VFX industry. This program imparts an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the subject and also provides practical training in the field.
Digital Film Making (DFM)
Digital Film Making (DFM) at KALAPURNAM is a 6 month certificate programme. DFM (Digital Film Making) is the first step into the entertainment & media industry. It mainly focuses in concepts like of Film Making. Software taught include: Adobe Photoshop™, Adobe After Effects™, Adobe Soundbooth™, Adobe Premiere™, and more. Students after this programme will be pen to an array of career opportunities. It consists of all the key concepts required for this field.
Programme in Graphic Design, Web Design and Animation
The institute offers Program in Graphic Design, Web Design and Animation (GWA) program for students who want to make a successful career in the field. It is a year long program and has been designed for students who want to enhance their conceptual knowledge and theoretical understanding. This program also imparts practical knowledge of the subject and provides hands-on-training to students.
Digital photography
KALAPURNAM offers 6 months certificate course in digital photography in part time mode. It provides basic knowledge about photography.
“We are making photographs to understand what our lives mean to us.” As we know that people love nature and want to capture its beauty. Photography is a medium of creative art and a photograph is a picture created with mechanical, chemical or electronic means.
Visual Communication with Graphic and Logo design
Course covers all concepts of Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrators, Adobe Indesign and Corel Draw.
Covers wide range from illustrating children books to design layout for tabloids, book covers, motion graphics, UI design, creative posters, traditional animation and corporate brand designs.
Prepares to join the ever-expanding world of print and visual media by providing a detailed insight on graphic, web design and 2D animation.
Short term courses in Graphic, Web, Animation and Multimedia
Short term courses offered by KALAPURNAM are designed to give a kick start to your career. It is a 6 months long program and has been designed to excel your skills into the 3D Animation, Visual Effects and Computer Graphics Industry. A clear and concise course curriculum delivered by means of practical lectures, frequent workshops and seminars ensures you take the shortest and best path to your successful career in this Industry.
This program imparts an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the subject. It also imparts practical knowledge of the subject. It develops students as working professionals so as to help them in making a good career in the animation industry.

Live/Real Time Projects
Real Time Projects at the institute is one of the most illusionary programs. This 180 days long program has been designed for students who wish to make their career in the IT industry. This program imparts in-depth knowledge and technical skills to students.
Film Making & Production
D3D is a career program focusing on all creative aspects of animation like pre-production, storyboarding, film-making & character animation. Learn to work with industry preferred animation software like Autodesk 3ds Max, Maya, Mudbox, etc.
Jewellery Design & Accessory Design
The course gives students essential information on the diverse kinds of stones, colour schemes in jewellery, design themes, presentation and framing, designing individual jewellery pieces, men's jewellery, costume jewellery, jewellery costing, etc. But to a professional in designing jewellery does not need formal training. A professional in any other field can take up jewellery designing workshops and set up a business production house. For example nowadays, there are different types of jewellery design in various cities. But Our Ahmadabad it means KARNAVATI city has seen different types of changes, the days of new jewellery design are examined, Similarly the jewellary design is taught elaborately at our Kalapurnam Institute. 

Interior Design
Kalapurnam Institute is don't just teach Interior Design, we encourage each and every student to access and nurture their own natural sense of flair and creativity. We also teach the technical and practical skills necessary to translate those design ideas into reality.
Interior design is becoming an increasingly viable career option for creative individuals who have a flair for home and office design and decor. However, there's more to it than just the inclination - there's also the ability. To be a good interior designer students need several skills they need - some inbuilt and some acquired. Some of the inherent skills you should possess are:
� Excellent design sense
� Good time management skills
� Good coordination skills
� Good team building skills
Fashion Design with Textile Design
Fashion Designing courses are generally offered to students after plus two. The course imparts training in all the aspects of garment manufacture. However, the quality of training varies from institute to institute. There are very prestigious and competitive courses in Fashion Technology offered by students. It is a premier institute and offers newly designed programmes with new curricula aimed at exciting careers in the fashion industry.